January 2018

The River Pilots will be performing 2 shows in March. Click here for details
Third Annual Winter Sabypalooza featuring two incredible sets: Anna Leeming and Laurie Williams, both vocalist guitarists, playing acoustic covers of our favourites. Then The River Pilots: Tanya Porter (percussion), Todd Porter (sax and guitar) and Carlie Howell (double bass) will share their diverse musical backgrounds in jazz, blues and world music to improvise original compositions for us. They have produced a few albums and will have their CD’s for sale. Learn more at

We are returning to Chatters, Friday and Saturday, March 2 & 3, 2018, 7:00 p.m. Chatters will have light dinner items available, as well as juices, pastries, coffees, teas, beer and wine. Live music in this intimate setting makes for a lovely evening.

Parking is plentiful and free. The venue is public transit accessible by GO Bus and the local York Region Transit.

Tickets are $15 – $20 sliding scale (you choose what you can afford). Purchase tickets from me in person, or via email transfer to In February tickets will also be available at Chatters. We expect both nights to sell out, as in previous years, so please let me know soon how many tickets you need.

July 2016,

Our new album “432” is now available for digital download through CD Baby.   There will be physical copies available in a few weeks, and the album will be on all digital platforms (itues, spotify, etc) in about a month.  Be the first to hear the new music!


The River Pilots 432

True to The River Pilots creative process, 432 is a product of spontaneous improvisation and collective composition. Inspired by Tanya’s newly acquired Spirit Drum, we set out to create music that harmonically and rhythmically contextualized the unique instrument. While many of our previous albums have utilized timbre and a wide variety of instruments as compositional tools, in this adventure we kept the instrumentation consistent to really explore the harmonic and rhythmic ways in which the Spirit Drum could be played and played along with. 

This itself was an enlightening challenge as Spirit Drums are tuned to A=432hz. In physical terms, this means that the note A is vibrating at a rate of 432 beats per minute, as opposed to the more commonly accepted tuning of A=440 hz where is vibrates slightly faster, as well as every so slightly higher in pitch. In practical terms, this meant choosing instruments that we could easily adjust to this lower tuning, so Carlie stayed on the acoustic bass, and Todd on the acoustic guitar. With the generous support of the Spirit Drum makers, we were able to utilize multiple drums in various key centers, but all in the same tuning system. In energetic terms, it meant so much more. 432hz is said to resonate in alignment with nature, and multiples of this frequency are found everywhere in the natural world, from electromagnetic waves under the Earth’s surface all the way to our individual DNA helix’s. It is believed that playing music at this frequency helps our body to resonate in harmony with nature, helping us to release emotional blockages, providing healing energy and promoting feelings of peace, relaxation and calm within the body, 

This connection to healing music inspired us to explore some of the musical material from Tanya’s drumming and wellness program “Rhythmic Re-framing.” We also used rhythmic ostinati from our collective musical vocabulary as a starting framework on which to hang harmonic structures and melodic phrases. And of course, in River Pilots fashion, we allowed ourselves to be guided by the spirit of the moment and our musical intuition. We invite you to sit back, sink into your seat and allow the sound waves of 432 to wash over and move through every little cell. 


The River Pilots will be playing an amazing festival in Hamilton ON on Sunday July 10th at 10:30am.  Teslamania is a festival celebrating the life and work of inventor Nikola Tesla.


June 2016,

Hello all.   We are very excited to announce that there a few new releases coming soon!    We have just partnered with an amazing instrument maker in Markham who makes “Spirit Drums”.   After Tanya bought one for herself we decided to record some new music with these amazing instruments.   We also filmed the making of some of these new songs and the videos will be release shortly.  You can check out these amazing drums by going to their site:



Hello.  We are excited to announce our Launch Party for “DELTA”.

CD & Graphic Novel Launch Party
Saturday, Feburary 22nd, 2014
Doors at 7:30pm
Show from 8pm-10pm
@ 80 Gladstone ave (Toronto)

$12 Advance tickets @ Soundscapes (572 College St.)  or online at:
$15 @ the door
$10 DELTA Graphic Novel and CD at the Launch Party

You can still get DELTA from the following sources:

You can order it:

You can also download the audio from itunes at:

or from all music at:

We also have a Facebook group you can join for news and updates about “Delta”